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Edit YOUR Life online workshop 2020

Work with me one-to-one and learn how my own journalling and LIFE EDIT methods will help you transform your life. Sign up now for £47

These two 45 minute online sessions have been designed to help you with specific areas of your life. We spend time together getting clear on how to journal and how it will help you have focus and vision. Live sessions will take place via Zoom or phone.

Most of the work I do these days is in group settings, but I have created a one-to-one online workshop for anyone who wants to work towards becoming an accomplished journalling expert and LIFE EDITOR.

Take a few hours out of your week to discover how a Life Edit could be just what you need to move forward this year.

You will have the chance to learn some of my own journalling tips, secrets and methods that will stay with you for life and help you to make transformational changes.

Find out WHY journalling and writing is so effective for personal development, HOW it really works and WHEN you should do it (it's not the same for everyone!)

As well as our two 45 minute sessions you will also receive a signed copy of my Life Edit book.

Yes please I would LOVE to sign up for the LIFE EDIT 1-1 online workshop for just £47 - (usual price £120)

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